old spartan helmet with ornament on black background

Ramadhan is our Spartan Agoge

Although it is the best time of year, I stay away from most Muslims at that time

There is a good reason for that and your negative opinion is no worry of mine

Every year it’s the same thing

“Bro, are you fasting today?”

“I’m so tired and thirsty today”

“How many hours are you fasting in your country? “

Who cares if you’re hungry or thirsty?

Why is it even a topic of conversation how many hours you are fasting?

Isn’t it between you and Allah?

In Spartan culture, boys at the age of 7 would participate in what is called Agoge

Part of that was a 10 mile run barefooted where they would run with a mouthful of water, but could not drink any of it until they reached their 10th mile

Then they would spit it out…

Alexander, the great crossed a desert with his vast army and did not find water

Miraculously, one of his soldiers found some water and presented a helmet full of water to Alexander

In front of his army, Alexander poured the water into the sand and said, we will not be defeated by thirst or water

His men roared out cheers and went on to conquer the world

When we read about the men around Rasululah ﷺ they were not weak men

They did not ask each other if they were fasting or how many hours they were fasting

They did not complain of thirst or hunger

Why does it shock you when Muslim women ask where are all the real Muslim men at?

It’s a valid question…

The spirit and focus of Ramadan should live in a man’s heart and mind year round

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