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Are You Ready To Fight, For Your Life?

While you lay around all day, learning nothing, doing nothing, not working out, not preparing for the future of your family and yourself, Do you know what happens? Time goes by and doesn’t stop. You are one step closer to end game and lights out in this life

While you commute to work and listen to the radio or stare off in front of you, learning nothing while you commute, time goes by. While you stare at the ceiling when you are just waking up searching for the meaning in your average day, yep, time goes by

Allah swears by time in Surah Al Asr. “By time, indeed mankind is in loss”. If Allah swears by something, it is very important and we need to give it ALL of our attention and apply this to our lives

For every minute you arent working out, improving your life, building wealth, getting closer to Allah, learning something new, striving for more, The enemies of Islam are…

It has always confounded me why Muslim Men waste their time, while the enemies of Islam are spending night and day improving on their lives and lifestyles of their families and community. My brother, time is flying by you and you don’t value it?

Time is the most valuable thing we have in this life as it is limited and ultimately leads to the end of any good we can do in this life. For that, I offer a small solution to your lives that anyone can adopt to their lifestyles to utilize the precious gift of time

The next time you are commuting to work, think to yourself. How can I utilize and make more out of this commute? Listening to the radio does what? Nothing. Instead, put in a good audible book to listen to that will actually teach you something. Now you are using time wisely.

The next time you find yourself on the couch watching TV, ask yourself. Have I done everything I was suppose to do today? Does the lawn need to be cut? Car Washed? Have I done my workout? Do I need to put in a load of laundry? Did I do my Battle Plan? Did I do this and that? If the answer is no to any of the above, turn the TV off and get to work

I have a simple rule for my daily life. I never do anything I WANT to do until I’ve done everything I NEED to do. Real simple. At the end of the day not only do I feel satisfied, I also feel like I actually accomplished something. It feels good

When you adopt this simple rule in your life, you will see that it has turned into a habit, a good habit. This is the best way to stay active and stay productive in your daily lives. Try it for two weeks without fail and see what happens.



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