man waving flag

This Flag Hangs Over My Home Gym

This flag hangs over my home gym as a reminder to myself and what I must do with my life. I am a 51-year-old man who works out three days a week and dedicates two days to light training in martial arts. On the remaining days, I focus on ice baths, stretching, and recovery.

Physically, I must be stronger than those who want to harm Muslim people. I will exert myself and train in martial arts to protect my family, Muslims, and those in my community.

Financially, I must be financially free to look after my family and the weak in my community.

Spiritually, I must be spiritually healthy and be a lighthouse of what truth, justice, and perseverance are.

Unity, I must align myself with Muslims of value who are interested in building a legacy and an Islamic empire.

Intellectually, I must strive to know more than others. I will read books and study every day to be aware of global information.

Mannerisms, I will strive to be the model Muslim in character, based upon the prophetic traditions, wherever I am.

Provide, I will maintain all the above to ensure my family will want for nothing and live in moderate ease.

Leader, I must gain control over myself and my lower desires to be a leader. To lead, I must first submit to Allah and the laws His messenger ﷺ have placed upon me.

Men, there is no time. Get off the sidelines of life and get into the game! By now, you know I’m not playing around. My brothers, I need you… We need each other.




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