“I’m just not strong like you, Dad“

I have seven kids, and I’ve always been an active father in the lives of my children

Every last Sunday of the month, I get together with my kids for a wellness check meeting

Usually, I have something small that I talk about for about 10 minutes to inspire my kids

But the meeting that I had two days ago was very dark and took me by surprise

My oldest son is struggling in life and came to the point where he felt suicidal

He later admitted that he would never do anything like that, and that was just the way he wanted to express himself at the moment

We all gathered around him, and put him on our shoulders with words of comfort and support

I took pride in how I raised my kids as they all supported the one that needed help

My son broke down and said,” I’m just not strong like you, Dad”

My kids, all said, “none of us are as strong as Dad”

I told them I grew into strength because of the trials that I went through by myself without any support

The many things that had happened to me in my life, one of the biggest things being when I became a Muslim and my family didn’t speak to me for 15 years

I told them that strength was very expensive and painful to acquire, and that it was not for the weak

The road to strength is not easy, but it will help you to navigate and overcome the trials that you face in life





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