Muslims don’t carry white flags

Men of the stronghold

How long will you wave the white flag of defeat in your life?

How long will you make excuses for yourself due to the situations of your past or present?

How long will you tell yourself that you’re OK the way you are, but deep down inside you know you’re not

Let me tell you what to do with that white flag

I want you to tear it in half, burn it to a crisp, and bury it forever

Muslim men don’t carry white flags of defeat when we go into the battle of our lives

We are relentless, dependable, and a resilient band of Warrior Brothers

Back in the day, the Muslims had what is called mubaraz, or, one on one combat before the battle

In this situation, there is no white flag, or way of escape

It is two people battling each other to the death

And because of that, everything being placed on the line, they exerted themselves to their full potential to survive and overcome their opponent

Today, I’m going to ask you to you pick up your sword or your battle axe and step into one on one combat with yourself

Tomorrow is not the time, the time is right now, right this second!





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