who do you run with?

‎Who do you have around you?

‎What kind of Wolfpack do you run with?

‎The Prophet ﷺ said that good company in one’s life is essential

‎I often think about when I was in the military and how important that concept was even before I was a Muslim

‎Our mission was straightforward, to end, one life after the other

‎To accomplish that, the team had to be on the same page

‎Our weapons were oiled and cleaned

‎We all made sure that we ate and slept enough

‎We made sure that we understood the mission of the patrol or engagement

‎Each man knew his role and responsibilities when the chaos of battle begins

‎Friendship in life is no different

‎You have to make sure that your friends that you run with are squared away

‎Sometimes you have to give sometimes you need to take

‎But what you can never do is to fail the man next to you

‎Men that have no ambition or mission in life, need to be cut out of your life

‎The Wolfpack is constantly on the move

‎Keep up, contribute, run, hard, or get left behind




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