the green dome at the prophets mosque and the bab al baqi minaret

The misery of mediocrity

Surely, most of us have read the stories of the prophet ﷺ and the companions around him. I have a question. Which one of them was mediocre in their life?

Which one of them was satisfied with doing the bare minimum in every aspect of their lives? Pause for a moment and just contemplate this one thing. All of them were the epitome of what it is to be warrior monks.

I want you to please stay with me and read the entire thing as I am coming to a very important point

Have you ever played a video game? Probably you have. Can you imagine playing level one for years with no interest in trying level two? How boring would that be?

You’re probably thinking right now, no way, because I have to get better guns and better armor and get to that next level. I need to progress so I can get to the end of the game!

OK, then here’s another question

Why aren’t you doing the same thing in real life? Why are you playing at level one and not trying to better yourself? How can you think of yourself as a productive man, husband, and father, if you are only playing at level one?

Could this be a reason why your wife is disappointed in you? Because you have quit at level one and don’t have the courage enough to go to level two?

Is this why your children don’t look up to you and idolize other men? Could this be the reason why nobody is interested in you to be their husband? You get the point by now, right? So what are you going to do about it?

Where is it written that a man has to live and operate on the level of mediocrity? Please show me. My brother, be honest with yourself. What is holding you back?

Fear? Procrastination? Laziness?

All three of these are mortal enemies of a man’s growth as a man, husband, and a father. This is the whole reason why we formulate battle plans. We identify where we fall short, and then we act with a primary tactic to combat our shortcomings.

Man, father, husband

These are all titles that every man must prove or work on a daily basis. The scars on an Alpha lions face are a testament that he had to work and struggle and fight every single day to stay on top. Rise to the occasion. Declare war on yourself.



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