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The three components of change

Why do we use battle plans?

Men of the War Council should know that there are three components of change

1. Direction

2. Action

3. Time


If you are in your car, and you don’t know where to go. What do you do? You turn to your GPS.

But even your GPS needs two bits of information, the number of the building and the street

This is the whole reason behind making a battle plan. You have to know where you want to go in life to get there. We identify where we want to be, which leads us to our next step.


This is where you can win or lose, it’s your choice. Sitting on your couch, watching TV while you snack on unhealthy food is an action that leads to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Drawing out a battle plan and not acting on it every day is a choice as well, which leads to absolutely nothing.

Acting on your battle plan slowly and realistically will get you where you want to go, but you must do the work. The results of your battle plan is for you not anybody else. So if you do not act on your battle plan, you are only cheating yourself.


Would it be unrealistic for you to ask your wife to hurry up her pregnancy from nine months to five months? Yes, it would be. The same is for your improvement in all four quadrants of your life.

Gradual Improvement is improvement nonetheless. You have to give yourself time to improve while not expecting overnight results. That’s why I ask you to be realistic in your battle plans so that you can maintain consistency.

A lot of people burn out because they set unrealistic goals for themselves. This is why I called the war council my 90 day to life program. We are constantly in a state of improvement.

Let’s get it after it Men

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