You vs. You

Men of the Stronghold

Let’s talk about the biggest enemy in your life second only to the devil


I’d rather be sore everyday from working out than to be prediabetic or suffering from heart disease

I’d rather feel disappointed due to failure in my life than to never have tried in the first place

I’d rather feel hungry than to fill my stomach and later regret

Allah says in the Quran

“Men and Women are equal except that he has given the Men a degree over Women”

What is that degree?, and how do you understand it?

That degree is conditional, and is based upon you, providing and protecting for the women in your life

Let me ask you a question though…

How can you protect and provide for your women if you are morbidly obese, and a physical weakling?

Let that sink in and marinate real good for the next several moments

Let me ask you another question

Have you ever regretted eating a really big meal and barely being able to move after that?

Have you ever done something wrong to somebody and regretted it later?

Of course we have, because everything that we regret is not good for us

Now let me ask you another way

Have you ever regretted working out?

Have you ever regretted eating a healthy meal?

Of course you haven’t because everything that is good and healthy for our lives causes us to feel good about ourselves

Now let that also sink in for the next several moments

Do what is good for your life and stay away from the things that you regret



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